Frequently Asked Questions

To enrol for the first time please fill out the electronic form on Please read the conditions for participation in Subscription
Institute of Pathology
Aalborg University Hospital
Ladegaardsgade 3
9000 Aalborg
If you want to contact members of the NordiQC group, please use the contact form
You can check and modify your participant information when you are logged in to the user control center. The participants are exclusively responsible for the correctness of their data.
In case slides are broken at the receipt, NordiQC should be contacted by e-mail.
The slides are cut from the block and dried at room temperature for 48 hours. They are then stored at -80C until shipment. Before shipment, one set of slides are marked by hand with the participant's NordiQC ID number.
Aalborg University Hospital (and NordiQC) is accredited according to The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme, see the <a href=downloads/diverse/ikas_certificate_2013.pdf target=_blank>certificate</a>; and the website <a href=''; target=_blank></a> (unfortunately only in Danish, the English version is under construction). The IKAS accreditation system was cancelled in 2017. An accreditation of the Institute of Pathology (where NordiQC belongs) according to ISO 15189 is now scheduled for the end of 2019. Accreditation according to ISO 17043 is scheduled for 2020.
Examples of optimal and suboptimal staining results are uploaded on the website as of the date indicated on the Participation page.
If you want to participate in any NordiQC workshop/conference/seminar, please check the event site.
In case of borderline or poor marks, the laboratory may request an immediate reassessment of the original stain, or a later reassessment based on a new stain in the following run. Receiving new slides does not apply for markers that are a part of every module (Eg. HER2 IHC). When the next run opens you can enter reassessment staining protocol using the reassessment link in the options menu on the right
Laboratories and sponsors are invoiced in the beginning of each year. Participation fees are based on modules, not individual tests. Participation in NordiQC is an ongoing subscription and continues untill cancelled. For further questions please check Invoice and payment.
All payments should be transferred in DKK (Danish kroner) or EUR (Euro). Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. At the moment credit cards are not accepted.