Single chain membrane glycoprotein, a lipopolysaccharide binding protein complex receptor, 53-55 kDa. CD14 is receptor for endotoxin and apoptotic cells. It is expressed by monocytes/histiocytes, Langerhans' cells, follicular dendritic reticulum cells, neutrophils (weakly), and endothelial cells of the liver sinusoids. In few studies non-hepatic endothelial cells have shown a weak CD14 expression. Experimentally, a subpopulation of circulating endothelial cell progenitors are CD14 positive. Probably, these cells are monocyte derived.


CD14 is detected in myeloid leukaemias with monoblastic/monocytic differentiation, and in histiocytic neoplasms like histiocytic lymphoma, Langerhans' cell histiocytosis and giant cell tumour. In cultures, a subpopulation of Kaposi sarcoma cells express CD14.


CD14 is more specific than CD68 in the identification of monocytes/histiocytes and associated neoplasias. CD14 also detects follicular dendritic reticulum cells.

Selected references

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